LANCR is back!

Did you miss us? We are happy to report we are alive and well, and we’re gearing up for a full slate of events for the rest of 2009!

This past Monday, January 19th, LANCR hosted a tour of the Ottawa Public Library’s historic Ottawa Room, led by the fabulous Ottawa Room librarian, Brian Silcoff. We learned a lot about city history and the Ottawa Room’s fabulous collection (including its hidden gems!). Here’s a small sample of the secrets we found out: you know that stained glass window from the original Carnegie Main Branch? It’s missing its bottom part (3 additional panels!) No one knows where they are, or why they were separated from the rest of the window in the 70s when the current Main Branch was built. A little Ottawa mystery for you….

Meanwhile, stay tuned for some information about our upcoming events! During Freedom to Read Week (Feb 22-28th) we’ll be organizing a library-themed pub trivia night, and in early May, we’re planning on a Salon-style Round Table Event!

What would you like to see LANCR do? E-mail us and let us know!


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