What is LANCR, anyway? Fun LANCR facts!

  • The Library Association of Ottawa-Hull was formed in 1921. In 1996, the LAOH celebrated its 75th anniversary as one of the oldest library associations in Canada.
  • Until 2002, LANCR was known as Library Association of Ottawa-Hull (LAOH). At that point, when Hull and its surrounding communities amalgamated to form the Ville de Gatineau, we changed our name to the Library Association of the National Capital Region (LANCR) / Association blibliothèques de la région de la capital nationale (ABRCN).
  • LAOH prepared the first directory of libraries in Ottawa in 1965. It was published by Carleton University Library in 1966.
  • LAOH’s web site first went live in 1998.
  • Past speakers at LAOH/LANCR events include: Paul Martin [senior] (1944), Dr. Guy Sylvestre (National Librarian, 1969), Doris Anderson (former editor of Chatelaine & President of the Advisory Council on the Status of Women, 1980), Marion Dewar (former mayor of Ottawa, 1990), Frances Itani (author, 1995), Nino Ricci (author, 1996), and Mary Jane Maffini (author, 2001)

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