2009 LANCR AGM was a success!!

Did you know that public library catalogues are approximately 15 years behind in technology compared to sites like Amazon?  Did you know that most public library users find interesting books on Amazon and then go to their library to request them?  Did you know that in one year in the United States Amazon had 300,000 transactions but the public library had 2 BillionYes, I said 2 Billion! 

So … how do we make a library catalogue a fun and interactive place for library patrons?  This was a question that Beth Jefferson, founder of BiblioCommons answered for us in the featured talk at the LANCR AGM.  BiblioCommons is a social library catalogue that engages librarians and users to form an online community by writing book reviews, adding personal subject tags, creating recommended reading lists and even providing support for reference questions.  These items are not only shared within the local public library but will be shared with ALL libraries connected to the BiblioCommons!  Fantastic!  Keep posted because we will soon be able to experience it at the Ottawa Public Library!

Following the wonderful talk by Beth (and some yummy snacks) we wrapped the LANCR AGM by “taking care of business” … the Executive Reports.  In summary, the LANCR Pres. and V.P were happy to see LANCR back on the map in 2008-2009.  With some smart recruiting by the V.P. we added great new additions to the Executive and will be adding a few more for 2009-2010!  We also appeared online again with this Blog (LANCR Lowdown) and our Facebook page.  According to the treasurer we still have money in the bank and finally, watch for our new website to appear soon by the creative genius of who I am going to call Sam “The Man” (“The Man” because he is currently the only man on the executive.)    

We would like to give a shout out to some people in 2008-2009.  Christie Martel (former Treasurer), Brandie, Alex, Krista, Tara, Pearl and all the LANCR members that came out to events this year.   FYI: Trivia will happen again in 2009-2010 but we will revamp the questions… promise!

New Executive for 2009-2010 are … drum roll please …
Alexandra Yarrow, President
Emilie Dawe, Vice President
Pearl Yost, Treasurer
Krista Woltman, Secretary/Membership Coordinator
Sam Popowich, Webmaster
Tara Wong, Councillor
Brandie Adams, Past President

[Note: Event Coordinator is still open.  If you would like to join the LANCR executive please email lancrinfo@gmail.com]


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