Four cheers for OPL’s recycling!

(you know, it’s me, and I couldn’t resist the E. M. Forster reference…)

One cheer for each branch of the Ottawa Public Library that were named in the Waste Diversion Achievement Awards recently!

That would be: Rosemount, where 92% of the waste generated at the location was recycled, Metcalfe (81%),  Centennial (75%), and Blackburn Hamlet (70%). A big round of applause goes to both staff and patrons at these locations for going the extra mile.

Waste Diversion Award

Photo Credit: Roger Lalonde, City of Ottawa Left to right: Marilyn Journeaux, Manager, Solid Waste Operations, City of Ottawa (who presented the awards); Councillor Marianne Wilkinson, OPL board; Deborah Dearham, manager Centennial branch; Councillor Shad Qadri, OPL Board; Linda Standing, manager, Metcalfe branch; Tony Westenbroek, manager, Blackburn Hamlet branch; Inta Douglas, manager, Rosemount branch; Councillor Peggy Feltmate, OPL Board.

The OPL press release also makes the excellent point, too, that borrowing from the library is, in and of itself, a green activity!


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