Sarah’s slides from tonight…

…. are posted on her blog here.

This post is so not a comprehensive report about her talk tonight, but more like a quick list of related links and quotes.

Here are some sites she mentioned:

Re. location-based social sites (Sarah says that’s where things are going!):

Re. unified login for multiple social networks:

Re. metrics for social networks:

Other links:

Here are some quotes from Sarah’s presentation that really “spoke” to me:

  • “Part of staff training is information,” eg. sharing information with staff during the development of a particular project, even if it’s to say, “here’s a screenshot of our Facebook page, but it’s not live yet!”
  • “Discontinuing a service is not failing; persisting in a failed effort is failing.”
  • “We do not have the money to be wasteful …. or stringent!”
  • “Marketing ≠ making a bookmark!” eg. if you are marketing a web project, market it on the web.

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